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Our Story

Panamerican Dojo Kai Karate Do

Kenshinjuku focuses on Dojo Kai. The art we practice is called Shotokan-Ryu, which has its roots in Okinawa. This is one out of the four traditional Japanese styles.


Shijan Luis Garcia's Diplomas, ranging from Dojo Kai 4th Dan to his current Dojo Kai 7th Dan


Grand-Grand Master

Ken Koezashi

Grand-Grand Master Ken Koezashi held a 10th Dan Dojo Kai Black Belt.


Grand Master

Yoshio Baba

Grand Master Yoshio Baba currently holds a 9th Dan Dojo Kai Black Belt.


Sensei Luis Garcia's Master

Kazuhiko Morita

Master Kazuhiko Morita held an 8th Dan Dojo Kai Black Belt.


Our Sensei

Luis Garcia

Shijan Luis Garcia currently holds a 7th Dan Dojo Kai Black Belt.

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