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Rules and Policies

  1. Students that are sick are to stay at home and a doctor's note will be required to return to the academy. Any children sent to the academy while sick will be sent home.

  2. Cash, checks, or electronic payments to or 786 973 9242 are accepted for tuition payment and other expenses such as equipment, uniform, rank tests, etc. Tuition is due every month on the original date of student enrollment in advance for the following month. (Note: Rank Tests “kyus-danes” are not included in tuition payments).

  3. The payment of monthly tuition must be done in a timely manner. Tuition payment guarantees education, training, and an allotted slot within our facilities for the student. We have a limit of 16 slots available per class. Failure to fulfill payment of monthly tuition will automatically open your assigned slot for other new students to enroll in order to fill vacant spots.

  4. Registration and tuition payments are non-refundable.

  5. Students must arrive 5 to 8 minutes ahead of the time of the class. This is so that the flow of the class is not disturbed. If under any circumstance the student arrives late, this will cause a disturbance in the flow of the class and put the student at risk of skipping the mandatory warm-up, which increases the risk of injury.

  6. Students that are not picked up on time will automatically join the following class.

  7. The academy will be closed on holidays. The students will be notified ahead of time of any dates on which the academy won’t be open.

  8. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their children's medical records are always up to date.

  9. Students are expected to show good behavior and follow all academy rules. Any student that is disrespectful, destroys academy property and is not disciplined will be removed from the academy and the parents will be held responsible for any expenses.

  10. A written notice must be provided to the academy at least two weeks before any student is withdrawn.

  11. Parents must wait at the door when dropping off or picking up students.

  12. Footwear must be removed at the academy's door - No footwear is allowed in the training area (this includes wooden areas).

  13. All students must wear the academy's uniform (Gi), which can be purchased at the academy. Only Kenshinjuku patches may be used. Uniform pants must be hemmed and not "rolled-up". Rank belt must be tied correctly. The uniform must be kept clean. No jewelry or watches are to be worn during class.

  14. Rank test requirements: individuals progress at different rates and dedicate different amounts of time to practicing Karate, therefore, no test will be given until the instructor determines that the student is ready. Before any test, students must be up to date on their accounts and must submit the additional payment for rank test and physical condition test. Please consult the "Requirements and Costs for Examinations" bulletin for details on test scheduling and costs.

  15. Kenshinjuku Karate-Do Inc. is not responsible for any injury regardless of how it was sustained, accident or loss of property suffered by any person while warming up, exercising, practicing, or participating in any of the academy's activities. Kenshinjuku Karate-Do Inc. assumes no responsibility for medical treatment of any student or for payment of medical bills.

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